Friday, January 20, 2012

Tour De Haus, Pt. II


the vhs collection.  not all mine, proud to say.
lil' e.t. keepin' a watchful eye over the teen section. and twin peaks of course.
Right now, it's raining, and I'm watching The Outer Limits, eating chinese food, and for dessert, a tray of nutter butters.  The epitome of class.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Paint By Numbers

I don't know about you, but vintage paint by numbers are another weird kitschy thing I love.  My roommate works for an awesome art gallery called Lost Art Salon, that used to sell stuff like that.  They gave her the rest of their collection, and what better place to put it than our...bathroom??  Our house isn't exactly the most beautiful place architecturally we gotta spice it up as much as possible.
the two horses are kinda my favorites.

plus other random framed stuff (rolling stones exile on main st., little witches, replacements, exene, and lotsa flowers!!)

but the lighthouse has REALLY good colors.

we have a skylight. and lots of burnt out bulbs.

and that is our bathroom.  any thoughts?

Monday, January 9, 2012


Tell me Exene Cervenka isn't the most amazing lady you've ever seen.  If you don't already love X, go buy the album Los Angeles right now!!  And if you already do love X, go watch The Unheard Music!!

photo by Frank Gargani

Wild Gift

If you wanna see more rad photos, check out the book The Beautiful and The Damned: Punk Photographs by Ann Summa.
Can you think of anyone cooler? Oh yeah, she's also made a Western movie.  What more could ya ask for?