Monday, April 30, 2012

Reno NV

went to reno, nevada with my ladies mid-april.  It really lives up to its name - "the biggest little city in the world."  It's probably about 4 square blocks, then you're in Sparks (a much cooler town name if you ask me).  There's not much to say except the thrifting is BOMB (in Sparks) and i lost all my money playing blackjack at the Silver Legacy.  Our dealer's name was Miguel and he just stood there and convinced me to go all in.  I think the free drinks helped (him, not me).  In other news, Sheila (the one in the floral trousas) won $30 playing the Sex and the City slots.  At least one of us came out on top.

these last 2 pics were taken by my main chica Michelle Ross.  Check out her FLICKR here.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

the golden age...

some nice snapshots from the golden age of hollywood.  scanned in from a book i've got entitled hollywood.  go figure.

theda bara - what a babe!

some serious synchronized bathing beauties

dracula in his cozy and non-threatening home

frankenstein gets his face put on while smoking - everything about this photo is epic!

louise brooks lookin' light as a feather...check them rhinestones in her hair!

vintage western can't be beat