Monday, April 30, 2012

Reno NV

went to reno, nevada with my ladies mid-april.  It really lives up to its name - "the biggest little city in the world."  It's probably about 4 square blocks, then you're in Sparks (a much cooler town name if you ask me).  There's not much to say except the thrifting is BOMB (in Sparks) and i lost all my money playing blackjack at the Silver Legacy.  Our dealer's name was Miguel and he just stood there and convinced me to go all in.  I think the free drinks helped (him, not me).  In other news, Sheila (the one in the floral trousas) won $30 playing the Sex and the City slots.  At least one of us came out on top.

these last 2 pics were taken by my main chica Michelle Ross.  Check out her FLICKR here.

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